Non-toxic Flea Control at Waynesville Dog Park

Press Release
August 31, 2011
Penny Wallace

"On Tuesday morning Alex Phillips of Waynesville was out bright and early spreading diatomaceous earth on the grass at the Waynesville Dog Park. “Diatomaceous Earth is non-toxic but gets rid of fleas and ticks lurking in the grass.” Alex explained. “We are using the food-grade product and following the proper procedures for applying it to the grass. HAWA Spay/Neuter provides the diatomaceous earth; I do the work and my dog Jack doesn’t get fleas. It’s a good partnership and good for the community.”

“This is a program that began by Linnea McAden voluntarily over a year ago and Alex Phillips has now picked up the ball so to speak and is running with it. HAWA Spay/Neuter’s TNR project to reduce the number of homeless cats uses this too. It is applied to a cat colony’s common areas when we trap, neuter, vaccinate and return them to their colony. Compared to chemically compounded insecticides it is both effective and less expensive,” said Penny Wallace the executive director.”I find it fascinating that the fossils of one-celled plants can do such a good job without toxic side effects to warm-blooded animals.”

To learn more about diatomaceous earth and how to use it go to or enter diatomaceous earth on your search engine for a broader selection of information about this helpful product.

Alex Phillips