Weve Hit the Right Price!
Our $10 Special Brings Pets In!
We Would Like To Continue This Price And Need Your Help To Do It!

September 26, 2011
Penny Wallace

Im sending you this letter because I know that you understand the value of spaying and neutering pets. As of last night we have enrolled 365 pets since this special started and which will continue through October. The majority of owners enrolling their pets for this special express great relief that the price lets them get their pets altered. Another wonderful phenomenon is that about a dozen neighbors, relatives and/or friends are bringing pet owners in to register their pets and paying for the services on their behalf! I am so pleased with these results that Ive just given my gift of $50 to HAWA Spay/Neuter to help continue this special.
  • The $10 price point works!
  • We can achieve wide-spread spay/neuter of pets in this county if we can keep the price at this level.
  • Haywood County and pet owners will benefit by reduced pet overpopulation and dealing with unwanted, expensive litters.
  • AND it can be done without legislating spay/neuter compliance!
The easy way to make this happen is to be sure the funds are available for the surgery cost subsidies.
  • Join me! Be the one to start the ball rolling for your community.
  • Your gift of $5 or more to HAWA Spay/Neuter will help us keep the price down.
  • Ask your friends to do the same.
  • If enough of us contribute, the price can remain at this low level.
Just click on the PayPal donate button to make a secure donation.
Thank you for continuing to support our efforts to make widespread spay/neuter really reduce the unwanted animals entering our shelter.