2,308 Spay/Neuter Surgeries Completed through HAWA Spay/Neuter!

Press Release
December 19th, 2011
Penny Wallace

2,308 Haywood County pets were altered in 2011! That makes it a definite banner year for HAWA Spay/Neuter. This is big news because the numbers of new puppies and kittens next year will be significantly lower. “Not nearly enough but a good start,” says Connie Hewitt, HAWA Spay/Neuter’s president. “We’ve increased the number of surgeries significantly over the last five years and yet, through the end of November 1,527 (48%) of the animals that entered the county shelter were euthanized. “

"The good news is that our $10 special encouraged people and to bring their pets to us in large numbers this year. We've enrolled 899 pets during our $10 special alone." said Penny Wallace. "We still have a lot of pet owners out there needing assistance to get their pets altered. Regardless of income level, our data tells us that most households in Haywood County have 2 or more pets. The $10 special proves to me that this price point is affordable for most pet owners. I hope our donors will continue to support our efforts so that we can eventually make this our regular price.

We need to continue providing low-cost, high quality spay/neuter services for Haywood County and our partnership with Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter clinic is Asheville made this year's success possible. The response to our $10 special was wonderful for the pets and owners and it also became clear that our success pushed the capacity of Humane Alliance to meet the demand. So next year we are setting our goal for the same number, 2,100 and asking our donors for their help. What we accomplished this year is the direct result of donations from our Haywood County friends. The cost to HAWA per animal exceeds $50.”

You can help HAWA Spay/Neuter by sending your gift to us at PO Box 992, Waynesville, NC 28786 or visit our website www.haywoodspayneuter.org and make a secure donation through PayPal.

Without your help this darling could be pregnant 3 months from now.