Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Watch this 1-minute video from Alley Cat Allies. Our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project helps free-roaming cats like these. Look for the eartip!

Haywood Spay/Neuter cares about all cats in our community, including those living outdoors. You can help the strays and ferals in your neighborhood with our Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) project – celebrating its 10th year in 2018! Watch the video above and then call our hotline!


Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the humane, effective approach to controlling the size of a feral or free-roaming cat population-no more kittens! The cats are humanely trapped, sterilized, vaccinated, and eartipped (the universal symbol of a neutered and vaccinated cat) and then returned to their outdoor home.

TNR benefits: TNR provides:
  • no more unwelcome kittens
  • roaming males return home
  • most sprayers stop marking territory
  • aggressive fighting over mating stops
  • fixed cats keep new, unfixed cats away
  • saves lives: stops the endless “capture/kill” cycle
  • makes things more peaceful for everyone
  • free spay/neuter
  • health check-up
  • anti-parasitic dewormer
  • rabies & distemper vaccinations
  • high-risk cats tested for leukemia
  • left ear “tipped” to show cat is fixed
  • cats are returned to trap site
  • litters are evaluated for Kittens2Barns

Join our TNR Volunteer Team! Click here for details.


For large colonies, a TNR volunteer can help the caretaker trap and transport the entire colony to/from the clinic. Trapping sessions can be scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Call the TNR Hotline at 828-400-5981 for more information.

Haywood Spay/Neuter also has humane traps available for loan (deposit required) that can be picked up at our office. Call the TNR Hotline (828-400-5981) for more details.

All TNR cats are returned to their capture site after they recover from sterilization surgery. Haywood Spay/Neuter is unable to assist caretakers wanting to relocate cats and kittens.


Right now we have Grants to cover the surgery/vaccination costs so it is FREE. Donations, of course, are always welcome!